If not now, when?

By breaking away from the notion that expressing vulnerable emotions, especially those considered taboo is wrong, we can create an atmosphere that encourages growth. What if we approached mental health as a societal issue instead of an individual responsibility?

The cure is in the pain

Leigh de Vries has developed two areas of practise: “short term projects”, meaning individual or sterilised visual artworks of limited temporality; and “long term projects” or durational, participatory artworks that evolve over many years. While short term projects are noted for their knife sharp acuity to address what she calls “social time-specificity”, long-term projects seek to remove the boundaries between art and life.

de Vries’s current focus is on creating works of “arte util” or useful art-artworks that serve a practical function in society and exist within “real” situations outsides the confines of the art world and its accepted systems of production, distribution and consumption.

Selected Exhibitions

2022 ‘IT'S OK’ - Large Typographic Sculpture, SiteGallery, England, UK
2021 ‘A RELATIONAL SPACE’ - Large Typographic Sculpture, funded by Arts Council England, UK
2021 ‘RELOAD KINDNESS’ - Typographic 3D Mapping Projection on Minster, UK
2021 'A Virtual Reality Exposure Experience', BDD Foundation & OCD Action
2018 ‘IDENTITY’, ZebraOne Gallery, London UK
2017 ‘Body Dysmorphic Disorder Explored’ Exhibition, UCLA Los Angeles, USA
2016 ‘Love Is Louder’, Exhibition, Coterie Gallery UK
2015 ‘Exposure: MyBrokenReality’, Installation, funded by Arts Council England, Old Market Gallery, UK
2015 'Exposure’, BDD Foundation: Screening, University of London, Brunei Gallery, London, UK
2014 ‘Strange’ Video Installation, Red Gallery, London, UK
2014 ’Strange’ Video Installation, South Place Gallery, London, UK