art as a tool of transformation.

Leigh de Vries is a visual artist and mental health advocate, who embraces a range of materials and forms in her practice, including images, video, sound and installation.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) dominated her life for more than 25 years. It remained hidden behind a wall of secrecy and isolation.

Exploring her condition through Art, Leigh’s socially engaged art experiences offer a lens through which to encounter, educate, and understand mental illness, representing a poignant and powerful tool that has the capacity to traverse cultural boundaries and societal stigmas.

Featuring a series of exhibitions, innovative community engagement strategies and education opportunities, and a diverse series of programs and events, the project aims to reach beyond the gallery walls to examine creativity’s role in mental health, resiliency, and compassion.

Leigh's has exhibited in the United Kingdom, United States and Europe. Her work is featured in multiple publications including Dazed, Vice, LA Weekly, Sky News, The Huffington Post, Redbookmag, and many more.

The reached audience for the project is + 13 million, and has been translated and broadcast by news websites in over 30 different countries.



"I am not aware of anyone else in this country (or in any other country, for that matter) who is able to create the type of artwork that has the potential for such powerful outreach about body image disturbances."
- Jamie D. Feusner, M.D.

Director, Adult OCD Program, Director, Eating Disorders and BDD Research Program, UCLA.

"Leigh de Vries - what a way to start a conference and what an inspiration. Her address set the inspiring tone we had hoped for and many delegates described her as the highlight of the conference."
- Karen Davies

Museum Development Programme Manager.

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