Leigh de Vries is a multidisciplinary artist who embraces a range of materials and forms in her practice, working in electronic and audio technology: installations combining sound, music, performance, lighting, film, video and computers.

de Vries has developed two areas of practise: “short term projects”, meaning individual or sterilised visual artworks of limited temporality; and “long term projects” or durational, participatory artworks that evolve over many years. 

While short term projects are noted for their knife sharp acuity to address what she calls “social time-specificity”, long-term projects seek to remove the boundaries between art and life. 


de Vries’s current focus is on creating works of “arte util” or useful art-artworks that serve a practical function in society and exist within “real” situations outsides the confines of the art world and its accepted systems of production, distribution and consumption. 

MyBrokenReality is a long term project, featuring a series of exhibitions, innovative community engagement strategies and education opportunities, and a diverse series of programs and events. 

The project is grown out of de Vries’s commitment to raise awareness and educate around the subject of BDD and to de-stigmatise mental illness.