Leigh de Vries "Strange"

Strange written by Leigh de Vries, Sasha Pullin and Andrew Flude
Produced by Sasha Pullin and Leigh de Vries

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Directed by
Lance Roehrig and Tal Rosner

Edited & After Effects
Tal Rosner

Director of Photography
Aaron Reid

Stylist + Art Direction
Victor Velvet

Robert Masciave

Make Up Design by
Sarah Jane Ellis,

Choreographed by
Cameron McMillan

Foxy, Matt

Costume Designers

Witch Robe
Victor Velvet

VHS Outfits, Stringed Costumes
Ismail Erbil, Olympus Mons

Black Rubber Dress and Shoulder Piece
Thom Ravnholdt

White Dress & White Cape
Hsiang-Ju Kung -

Noel Stewart Millinery

AlienFox Designs

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