LEIGH DE VRIES - Visual Artist, Mental Health Advocate, Body Dysmorphic Disorder

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The formulation of the question suggests its solution.



Leigh de Vries is an entertaining, thought-provoking artist, mental health advocate and speaker.

In a effort to disseminate the urgency, her work reaches past the gallery walls, breaking away from traditional means of communication and leveraging the power of art to inform and transform.

Exploring her own condition through Art, Leigh’s socially engaged message offer a lens through which to encounter, educate, and understand mental illness, representing a poignant and powerful tool that has the capacity to traverse cultural boundaries and societal stigmas.

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Features speaking events included:

  • Keynote speaker at “Breaking Boundaries For Museums by Ironbridge Museum Trust & Arts Council England ” for West Midlands Museum Development (WMMD).

  • Keynote speaker at “How to use the Arts to Engage Young People with Museums” for West Midlands Museum Development (WMMD).

  • Case study and Keynote speaker at “The Cultural Prescription – How can the arts support Health and Wellbeing” for Museum Development Trust, York.


“There are no viewers - only participants”

Allan Kaprow